The Program

Besides the extremely easy portability of your medical records through the iPHER device Patient Practitioners has also created a unique program upon a common computer format that allows easy readability, recording and ordering of medical procedures and medications.

The program allows a complete history of the type and dosage of all medications to be kept in one place. If your medical condition requires detailed histories of multiple medications or just a running record of the latest dosages, this program will keep it handy and available for any Doctor or Emergency Room. Best of all it is kept in a readable format that can be quickly accessed by the patient or Medical professionals that need to determine the help you need and avoid intermixing of dangerous medications. The program allows your Doctor to see what has been prescribed by themselves as well as the prescriptions ordered by specialists that you have been seeing.

Patient Practitioners allows all your medical history to be seen quickly,easily and accurately. But Patient Practitioners also allows the Doctor to order prescriptions for procedures, medications or laboratory tests directly from the program. Each procedure or medication is bar coded to avoid misinterpretation by any Pharmacist or medical professional. Each procedure or medication can be printed with this barcode directly from the Patient Practitioner program in three languages. This system avoids mistakes and saves lives.

But Patient Practitioners does not stop there. Each program comes complete with a system designed to let the patient enter their own information into the records database. This not only gives the patient control of their health care it allows their records to be taken from one Doctor or Medical facility to another without interfering with government regulations.

Take a look at the Patient Practitioners program.