The System

The Patient Practitioner system was developed using a unique combination of everyday software and hardware. The systems adaptation of these common products is what makes the Patient Practitioner system so inexpensive yet universally acceptable in medical facilities as well as at home.

HOW DOES IT WORK? - The Patient Practitioner system is easy to use. All the patient's medical records are stored inside a device no bigger than the palm of a small hand, the iPHER. You plug the iPHER into a USB outlet located in most computers and the records are immediately available. With just a click of the mouse the Patient Practitioners program opens and presents all the medical records in easy to use and read format.

DO YOU NEED EXCLUSIVE OR UNIQUE SOFTWARE TO READ THE iPHER? - No. The Patient Practitioner system is built upon commonly used software. There is no requirement to buy a complete system that can only be used within one hospital or medical facility. Patient Practitioners system can be used anywhere Microsoft Windows operates. This gives the Patient Practitioners system complete portability and readability in any medical environment.

WILL THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY BE ABLE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RECORDS? - Yes. The Patient Practitioner system uses language common to Medical Professionals world wide. The unique barcode system employed by Patient Practitioners insures that the records for one medical facility exactly match the records and definitions for any other facility. No matter where in the world you may need medical assistance.

HOW DO MY MEDICAL RECORDS GET IN THE SYSTEM? - The initial records can be placed into the recording device by the patient, the doctor, or his assistant. A unique extremely user friendly screen is provided inside the Patient Practitioner system that allows most patients or their doctors to enter their records by typing in the information or using a scanner. It takes only seconds to update records for use by any professional. New records can be updated at each Doctor visit or at home at the patients leisure.

There is also an electronic link that allows compatible Hospital and Physicians Electronic Medical Records (EMR's) to be inputted at the click of a button.

IS IT COMPLETELY PORTABLE? - Yes. The iPHER may be carried in a purse, on a key chain, or on a necklace.