The iPHER, an individual Personal Health Electronic Record, is a small device that plugs into a computer through the computer's USB drive. Each iPHER carries inside the unique Patient Practitioner's program.

The Patient Practitioners program is a self contained medical record keeping database system. This system wll store the medical records of a single individual including EKG graphs, X-ray images and dental records and dental X-rays. The Patient Practitioners system is designed to allow patients the ability not only to control thier own medical records, but input them in a format easily read by healthcare professionals. The system also allows interactions with hopsital, pharmacy and doctor's offices electronic medical records (EMR) so that each can input thier records into the iPHER at the click of a button.

The basic iPHER not only stores the Patient Practitioner's program and all programs neccesary to run the Patient Practitioner's program on a computer with a Window's? operating system, but it has an additional 800 megabites of storage. This allows storage of multiple high resolution images and a library of medical records. But this isn't all. The iPHER comes in many shapes and sizes. There are iPHER's available in sizes that allow over 2 gigabytes of information. There are iPHER's in the shape of surfboards, bracelets and wrist watches. Each has a variety of information storage sizes.

As many iPHER users count on themselves as thier own security system, most iPHER's are delivered as 'OPEN' devices. This allows first responders and healthcare professionals easy access to your records in case of emergrency or when you may be unable to communicate. However, iPHER's can be sold with biometric or password security. Biometric security requires the recognition of a users fingerprint in order to open the system. Password protection requires the use of a unique password to open the device. Although biometric and password protection does cost extra, for some it is a neccesity. However, you wish to purchase your iPHER each comes with internal security that, when closed properly, encrypts your information to protect from unauthorized access.

Customization is also possible on large purchases. If you would like your organizations logo on the iPHER so you can identify your group to those that use it, just contact our sales department to arrange the purchase:

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