The Theory

Dr. Naomi Melvin is a healthcare professional with many years experience dealing with patient records and patient record regulations She realized that many patients were not getting the proper medical care they needed due to lost or inaccurate records. Many procedures were duplicated creating exorbitant costs due to lack of one Physician understanding or knowing that the procedure had already been performed. Dr. Melvin was also aware that many prescriptions were being order that placed patients health in jeopardy because Doctors and Pharmacists were unaware of the medications that patients had already been prescribed. Plus inaccurate medical history and information was leading to grave errors in surgery and other parts of the health care of patients. Worst of all government regulations were leading to many of these problems. In an effort to protect the privacy of patients medical records the federal government had passed laws that prohibited the free flow of medical information without the consent of the patient. A process Dr. Melvin agreed with, but knew created a huge problem for the medical community.

Dr. Melvin looked at many systems to resolve these issues and couldn't find any currently on the market that resolved all the problems she had become familiar. Many of the systems were unique only to one hospital or medical facility and dependent on the system customized and created for that group. While the information flowed freely and accurately within the medical facility as soon as the patient was dismissed continuing care suffered as the customized medical records could not be duplicated outside the system. Too often these systems were touted highly by the medical facility in order to entice other medical professionals to buy into the system and create a revenue stream for the hospital or vendor that sold the system. A competition between hospitals and vendors flourished with each program exhorting its claims to be the best in order to garner the large profits associated with owning the systems. Costs for these internal systems were exorbitant. As each system was uniquely created for that group, development costs were in keeping with customized programs and were very high. Little attention was paid to the needs of continuing care for the patient.

Dr. Melvin realized there had to be a better way. A way to meet government regulations and allow the free flow of information to the medical community. Realizing that including the patient in their care increased the chances for complete recovery, Dr. Melvin decided to look at the sharing of information from the patients point of view instead of the physicians. A new and different perspective never tried before in the medical community. Dr. Melvin decided to put the patient in charge of their medical records and become a part of the medical team. In short a patient that becomes a medical Practitioner. A patient Practitioner. Using the patient as a member of the team and keeper of their medical records released the records from government regulations. The only requirement now was to place this information in a transportable system that could be easily read by anyone. Dr. Melvin contacted Doug Courtney a software engineer to create this system.

Mr. Courtney was given the task of producing a system easily read, accurate, easily used by the patient and medical professionals wherever they were and it had to be inexpensive. Mr. Courtney began by using off the shelf programs capable of storing information in large quantities. He combined these programs with the medical information supplied to him by Dr. Melvin and created the delivery system called the iPHER and program called Patient Practitioners. The program, due to its common beginnings, can be used in any facility that has a Windows Operating System. The program is inexpensive costing one hundred fifty dollars (US) to implement and use and is highly accurate due to the unique bar code system developed with the program structure.

We invite you to look around and try Patient Practitioners. See the future of electronic medical care!